Integrate Active Learning, Here Is How Cambridge Curriculum Applied In Global Sevilla

Integrate Active Learning, Here Is How Cambridge Curriculum Applied In Global Sevilla

Global Sevilla integrates Cambridge curriculum to support its vision to not only focus on the academic result but also student’s characteristic building. In this case, the parent should understand the fundamental of the curriculum, which is active learning. So, what are the active learning and the curriculum in this Cambridge school Jakarta? Here is your answer.


Active Learning In Cambridge Curriculum

Cambridge focus on the development of students who are confident and active. It is better to say that the curriculum encourages the engaging student in the learning activity. That is how active learning ideas are developed. The process of learning will make the students the center, it focuses on how and what they learn.

The students are supposed to be the ones who are active and think hard. Not the one who is always ready to achieve all the information given by the teacher. Students are encouraged to process, appraise, collaborate, apply, and willing to make mistakes. Thus, the teacher will also challenge to make the student engaged, participate, and active in the process.

In the Cambridge curriculum, these behaviors portrait by the learning process. Global Sevilla Cambridge school Jakarta incorporates IEYC or international Early Years Curriculum for the younger students. Then the active inquiry-based learning was employed in the primary school, while in the secondary school the activities focused on project and research-based learning.

All of the curriculum and the approach focus on involving the student in the class. Along with it, the learners will be able to develop numerous skills and abilities. It is including the abilities of critical thinking, basic academic subject, personal, emotional, social development, and many more. Thus the student will have a balanced result at the end of the study.


Global Sevilla Cambridge Curriculum

The primary school will use Cambridge primary checkpoint as the bare standard of study. After they succeed in the test and surpass the standard, grade 7 -8 will use the lower secondary checkpoint. The grade 9 -10 of secondary global Sevilla Cambridge school Jakarta will use Cambridge IGCSE, while the grade 11 – 12 uses Cambridge international A level and A.

As one of the best international schools in Jakarta, it is safe to say that Global Sevilla tries to integrate the best curricula with the mindfulness approach. It will hone the character development, more fun, and enjoyable learning while still able to optimize the academic score. That is why the active learning of numerous Cambridge curricula are used in this school.

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